Virtual Composer 2000 is created for all musicians who wants to compose their own music. Our user-friendly interface makes musical composition fun and enjoyable. You’ll be able to write, play, and record your own music in no time.

We also provide great music services that can help you sharpen your music skills and knowledge. Improve your guitar skills with the best tips and tricks provided on our website.


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We believe that anyone can make their own music if they have the right music programs. Fortunately, this website provides musicians with useful guidelines and recommendations on what kind of programs or software they should use in composing their beautiful music.  Now you’ll be able to choose the best music program for your genre.


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Musicians can also take advantage of our tutorials, especially those who want to improve their playing skills. The instructions we provided are straightforward that even novices will be able to understand music theory and learn how to play within minutes.

These tutorials are created by our music team who are highly-experienced master players.


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Stay updated with the latest news in the music industry. Know what types of software, instruments, and effects world-class musicians are using. You’ll also learn the newest musical instrument available today and how it can help your compositions sound more fun and creative.


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Join other artists and learn from their experience. Now you can easily communicate with other artists to obtain great music tips and helpful pieces of advice when playing a certain instrument.

We also have an amazing support team who are always willing to answer all your queries and concerns regarding composing music for guitar or any other instruments.