about vc2000 - AboutWelcome to Virtual Composer 2000 where you can become the best musician you always wanted to be. This site is specially made for people who want to learn and master composing music using a guitar. You can learn a lot of things from our qualified mentors – from basic to advanced music tips. There’s no need for you to browse from one website to another just to have a better grasp on how you can become a master guitarist.

Whether you are a beginner or master, our website is designed to improve your music skills within a short period of time. The website includes different categories which can be very helpful when it comes to finding the best music tips, tutorials, and courses.

Our developers also made sure that both guests and members will be able to easily navigate the site and start composing music right away.

You can find myriads of useful and helpful information regarding music composition here. From tuning your guitar to learning advanced guitar chord progression, Virtual Composer 2000 is your one-stop site for learning and composing music. It’s our goal to always provide information that is both relevant and accurate.

Every music and guitar instructor we suggest have undergone proper screening. They are equipped with the best skills and knowledge about music theory.

Also, our instructors have undergone extensive music training and are certified to guide and teach all sorts of students – young, old, newbies, and experts. Moreover, our team is composed of people who have adequate experience in playing and teaching different types of musical instruments.

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Composing music should become easier if you follow our tips and guidelines. It’s a guarantee that you’ll be able to play your guitar and make your own music in the soonest time possible – just trust the programs and mentors.

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